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Medusa: Production Company Full Branding

Website Design, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Print Design, Animation, Video Editing
Medusa - Production Company Logo
Medusa - Production Company Website
Medusa - Production Company Business Cards
Medusa - Production Company Flyer

Medusa is a Leeds based production company. Its services range from film & television, music videos, commercials, live events, animation & visual effects. The project was completed during employment at Medusa and included designing the company's name, brand, logo, website, business cards, corporate flyers, social media graphics and also animate/edit their showreel.

Medusa was designed to stand out from competitors with its unusual and unique, yet familiar name of a Gorgon from Greek Mythology represented as a woman with snakes for hair. Medusa is a powerful and easily recognisable figure who allowed the company to have a clearly stylised design. The logo represents Medusa’s usual head of snakes, however is portrayed using sharp geometric triangles to modernise her image and reflect the company’s incentive to keep up with the latest technologies and software.

Whilst the brand was mostly portrayed in black/white, it also sometimes included a purple, blue and green coloured background. These colours were chosen to represent creativity, trust and freshness respectively. This background was used across parts of the company's promotional material such as the business cards, website and video title card which can be seen on the showreel.

The website was, alike to the brand, given a sharp & modern layout. Being interactive, the design was able to use Medusa's video assets to their full potential and create a striking & professional website.

The showreel was edited using elements of Medusa's film portfolio and behind the scenes footage. The brand was incorporated throughout with the use of sharp diagonal transitions & overlay effects. An elegant and graceful animation style was appointed and complimented by a mellow audio track to reflect the composed professionality of the company.