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Keele University - Nightline Flyer

Graphic Design, Print Design
Nightline Flyer
Nightline Flyer

Nightline is a charity which offer confidential & anonymous listening and information services. Keele's Nightline is available to students at the University and allow people to talk about any issues they may be struggling with.

The flyer, which was to be placed around the University campus, was designed to creatively incorporate lots of elements that reflected the company. For example: speech bubbles were included as it's a phone line, the post-it note was used to hint at student life and the street lamp was to emphasise that it is only open between 9pm to 3am. The colour palette used the dark blue hue of the Nightline brand but also included the contrasting orange to make certain elements stand out. Furthermore various fonts were used and attempted to create a more easy-going & friendly feel to encourage people to consider the services.

The Client

  • Name: Keele Nightline
  • Description: Listening and Information Service
  • Links: