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The Afghan Rug Shop Branding

Logo Design
The Afghan Rug Shop
The Afghan Rug Shop

The Afghan Rug Shop resides in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, selling imported handmade rugs, kilims and other merchandise direct from the Northern Provinces of Afghanistan. Dut to this the client wanted a unique style which could captivate various elements of Afghanistan culture.

This led to many inspiring ideas, including experimenting with fonts which had a similar style to the alphabets commonly used throughout Afghanistan, such as Persian or Pashto. However the final design incorporated the mountainous regions of Northern Afghanistan into the unique 'A' icon, whilst also insinuating the culture and art style of Hebden Bridge - a well-known market tourist town - into the other letters. The intense blue hue was based on the colour of lapis lazuli, a deep blue stone sourced and mined in northeast Afghanistan.

The Client

  • Name: The Afghan Rug Shop
  • Description: Rug Shop
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  • Project completed during employment at: Gill Graphics